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John Paul “Polo” Kirkland was born and raised on the scenic west coast of Puerto Rico, May 9, 1990. Dwelling in a land of extreme beauties, shaken by the rough silence of colonial discourse, his work touches ethical, historical and philosophical fibers through visions, introspection, satire, and an appeal to a surreal world, extending into its common intimacies.
He studied and graduated with a degree in Comparative Literature from the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez campus. Currently, he is a writer and a Teacher.

John Paul “Polo” Kirkland nació y se crió en la escénica área oeste de Puerto Rico, 9 de mayo de 1990. Su poesía habita una tierra de bellezas extremas, perturbada por el silencio brutal del discurso colonial; su trabajo toca fibras éticas, históricas y filosóficas mediantes visiones, la introspección, la sátira y un apego al mundo surreal, extendiéndose a través de sus intimidades comunes.
Estudió y se graduó de Literatura Comparada en la Universidad de Puerto Rico, Recinto Universitario de Mayagüez. Actualmente, trabaja como escritor y maestro.

I personally welcome you to my page and my journey through knowledge as well. I feel a peculiar interest for literary analysis and interpretation, and as well I am always on the look-out for appropriate spaces to write, think and enjoy life to its fullest. I believe knowledge, planned solitude and good company are necessary for these spaces to be developed.

It was also a personal decision I made to disclose myself to the internet and the world on account I feel I must offer what I have and bring to the table my ideas, voice and thoughts. I promise you nothing you read here will you read in vain, since I have placed the best of efforts in conveying the right information, the best of efforts in conveying the right image and invoking the needed word with the respect it deserves.

My works are written in Spanish and English with a lot of sazón from every culture I can get my hands on. I believe I’m off to a good start.

Join in, write, read and start pitching for a better future
in which we may reap all we’ve wholeheartedly sown.

Blessings and thank you for sharing your time with me.

-John Kirkland Pino


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